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and punching them -- >> they do it in great britain, too, wow. >> what do you make of it? >> i don't make anything of it. i doesn't make any sense. it's a game to some people. i don't think it's cool. they are not hitting me. i saw one guy hit a woman, hit a girl from behind and -- >> would you ever -- when you grew up on the streets of brooklyn, would you have ever done something like that. >> if i was on a robbing spree or robbing somebody i've done something like that but this is just for fun. these guys just -- it's just no purpose of doing it. i saw someone hit a woman. i would never hit a girl to the face. i just couldn't imagine. the only thing i could imagine is that being my daughter or my wife. >> why do people do it do you think? i have no idea. i don't have no idea. maybe they just evil. they are just some evil people. >> last time you came on the show, i talked to you about health care and we had this exchange. let's watch this. >> when you go back to your old streets and you meet your old guys and so on, what do you think the real cares and fears of the earge americ of the a
and cut to the facts. we don't know at the moment what happened here, do we? >> not at all. this charge has been made, but it may not even proceed to a trial. what the police have to do now is do an investigation. we have two 911 calls that present completely different versions of what happened. the police have to do what good police do, are there any witnesses? are there any -- is there anyone who heard anything? is the inside of the house look like? are there signs of a struggle that cooperate one version or the other? about the gun -- >> see, the crucial part is this, that she says he took the gun out and waved it at her in a men innocencing way. she leaves the property to talk to the police. it's not beyond george zimmerman's brain power, because he's a smart guy to simply repack the weapon. >> okay. that's possible. >> that's possible. >> but maybe it's not even packed. this is the kind of thing that the police have to do, and, you know, the interior of that house will offer all sorts of clues. now it may be this becomes simply a he said she said and those are difficult but not imp
brazen, that never happens, these things usually go in a vault and don't leak. one thing that is perhaps more important as chris christie moves forward and thinks about running, there are more important things such as the justice department investigation. he locatbblobbyed for a securit firm. one interesting nugget in the book, the romney campaign apparently referred to the vice presidential search process which was top secret as "project gold fish," and christie's nickname was puffer fish. they had a variety of names, fish consin, for wisconsin. i should say, though, piers, a number of people from both parties are casting doubt on the situation. i talked to beth myers, she for one said she never heard of project gold fish or any of these nicknames, so that is just one person starting to poke holes in some of the accounts. >> we know that according to the book, chris christie called mitt romney at one stage, when newt gingrich won big in the primary. he said get out of your crouch and kick the [ bleep ] out of this guy. that is what you should do, he is a joke and you're allowing him to
kept saying don't worry, if you don't have health insurance, you'll get taken care of in the emergency room. you can't have it both ways here. i do agree with david about the length of the -- i kept -- i was with a group of people on -- actually onset on a television talk show and we all of course had to stop and watch the thing and we all fairly experienced in politics and saying where is jay carney saying thank you very much ladies and gentlemen? i was shocked. i don't know of a press secretary that would have let this go on like this for any president and it should have been cut off. david is right. let me come to david on that. i thought it was strange, it was like he was out there as a sitting duck wanting to take the harpoons coming his way but for what purpose? because nobody came away thinking okay, that sorted that then. >> well, i -- it's hard to explain. i think he feels very vulnerable. i think he feels humiliated. i agree with howard. i think for the most part he has been an honest president and that's to his credits. what i disagree is his staff let him down. i'm sorry, b
't typical. you don't normally see this. people are walking in and out of the airport trying to figure out what to do, where to go and these people will be looking at 24 hours of this. >> kyung thank you very much indeed. >>> now we go to chris lawrence at the shooter's family home in new jersey. chris, what do we know about him. we know he's 23 years old. he's called paul anthony ciancia. what else? were are re >> reporter: we are getting a picture of him, his life and growing up here in the east coast and his background here with the family. standing outside of his dad's home in pennsville. the police have been here for most of the night now. the police chief is actually inside that house, still speaking with the family. we know he grew up in this area. neighbors say it was a very close knit family. the police chief says they had no problems with this family whatsoever. in fact, the neighbor says that his dad was a well-respected member of the community, a business owner. his son paul worked for his father for several years before heading out west to live in los angeles so seems like hav
. >> this is like having a really good product in a store and the cash registers don't work and there aren't enough parking spots and nobody can get through the door and so we are working over time to get this fixed. >> is it all too little too late? frank rich tells me how the gop is turning this debacle to his election advantage. >>> also, why do the miami dolphins quarterback say this? >> i think if you ask john martin a week before who his best man on the team was, he would say richy incognito. >> really? the player that fled the team saying he was being bullied. this man caught on tape in a bar by tmz? >> listen, i need -- >> who wants [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> what a gentleman mr. incognito. what is really going on here and what the nfl's playbook is for crisis control is. plus, nuke this. why some environmentalists say nuclear energy is good for the planet. the man behind "pandora's promise". >>> obama care and how it almost changed the course of the lieutenant governor's case. joining me is the author of the greatest story ever sold. frank, welcome back to the show. you wrote a fascinating p
and briefly, if you don't mind, candy, will it be rather icy when the vice president arrives for his morning coffee when he arrives tomorrow? >> i would think probably the happiest person tonight is hillary clinton not to be sitting in the white house as vice president because they are in deep trouble now, so i think she's probably grateful. i don't think joe biden will be that pleased but the white house is out there and aids out there saying the president didn't know anything about this, although, william daily did say yeah, we did that because we thought it was due diligence but the president has folks out there protecting him saying wait, we didn't come close to this and the president didn't know. >> having said that candy, the president's answers to almost everything at the moment seems to be i knew nothing about it. >> i'm not -- >> that seems to be the issue. >> he needs to let his aids talk for him. >> candy, thanks very much indeed. >> thanks, piers. >>> my next guess, ann caulter. can't think of anybody scarier than ann to join me. >> i know nothing about this book so you'll get my
that opportunity -- >> he's exaggerating -- >> no -- >> don't worry, you're still in the will. >> that's what 40 chances are about, what howard, my dad has been able to do. >> it's a great line you use, warren, you always wanted to give your kids enough money they could do whatever they want to do in life but not enough that they would do nothing. >> they can do anything but not enough to do nothing. >> we got plenty of tweets. one says what's the most important advice that you've had about investing that you would give to others? >> to look at stocks like a business rather than things that bob up and down. you value the business and look at the stock. sometimes people think the stock will go to 100 or go up next week. in the end you're buying part of the business and you should never lose sight of that. >> do you have to personally enjoy the stock that you buy? >> i enjoy the -- i enjoy analyzing stocks, but one thing to remember about stocks is you have all these feelings about them. they don't care about you. you bought the stock at 20 and now it's 18, you know, and you hate it. stock doesn't
are so great. tacloban is a city of some 200,000 people. we don't yet, piers, have an accurate count of how many people lost their lives, how many are wounded and in need of immediate assistance, accurate number, we just simply don't have them. and that gives you a sense, we're now into the fourth day since the storm hit and it gives you a sense of how tough the communications are for the philippine government, they're hoping to get the airport running on a 24-hour basis, hoping to get relief out here. that is one of the problems, piers, there were no lights. it is very difficult to fly in there in the type of large-scale operations that are needed. hopefully that will start to move again, with the weather system moving in, in the next six hours that will definitely cause a crimp in the next several hours. we'll continue to follow it in the next several days, though, peers. >>> and obviously, we know the military is sending in aid, the chinese, as well, lots of countries helping now. but how restrictive is it for the moment to get the aid where it is needed, given the current horrend
. >> is this now the biggest social media meets commercial saying day that america has? >> yes, but also don't forget about cyber monday. a lot of people, if these companies are playing on platforms, they are very much focussed on cyber monday. a lot of bricks and mortar stores are growing business. walmart and target and costco are paying attention and trying to grow the cyber business, cyber monday is becoming a very real player in this whole equation of a weekend, as well. >> how do you think companies in america, generally, the bigger ones are dealing with this new emerging super power of social media? >> it's funny. i've been paying attention. this new book i wrote is focused on this. you look at macy's, i was looking yesterday. i'm so impressed how they are focused on printerest and instagram and best buy and sears, it's an utter disaster. they are not focussing on it. sears or best buy, i can't remember, posted their tv commercial as a facebook post. nobody is on facebook to watch your 30-second tv commercial. >> there is an interesting story this week involving gap using twitter. >>
witness to these extraordinary things? >> i don't consider that because i've been doing this for 60 some years and covered a lot of big stories and this is just what i do. >> you were a science and aerospace reporter on the dallas morning news, you were 32 years old and you weren't covering the president's visit. you decided to go anyway to see a president in your city. when you heard the shots go out, what was your first reaction? >> you know, i don't know how fast i reacted because it was such an instantaneous bedlam there. people were crying, screaming, they were bumping into each other. i don't know how i reacted or how fast but i knew somewhere in that first minute, my journal background kicked in. it was just wild. we didn't know who was shooting, we didn't know how many were shooting and we didn't know where they were shooting from. >> now, there were three shots that you heard. you began to speak to witnesses. you grabbed a makeshift pencil and paper from a little boy and began making notes. then you heard on a police radio that a police officer had been shot, you know, not clear
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of the people are so great. tacloban is a city of some 220,000 people. we don't yet, piers, really have an accurate count of how many people have lost their lives and how many people are wounded and in need of immediate assistance. accurate numbers, we just don't have them. and that gives you a sense, we're now into the fourth day since this storm hit. and it gives you a sense of how tough the communications have been for the people of the philippines and the u.s. marines are out atta tacloban, helping get relief efforts and get things back up and running. that was one of the things, piers, there were no lights at the airport, to help with the type of situations that was needed. in the next six to seven hours it will definitely cause a crimp in some of the plans. we'll continue to follow it in the next several days. >> anderson, we know the american military has sent aid, the chinese sending aid, lots of countries helping now. but how restrictive is it at the moment to get the aid that is needed, given the current horrible conditions that are continuing? >> reporter: yeah, that is a rea
are on the ground in tacloban to what you covered before? >> you know, obviously in death toll it's smaller. we don't know an official death toll, numbers vary and nobody really knows because there is no actual search for those who died. there is in accounting for those who died at this point n. haiti hundreds of thousands in puerto prince so it was concentrated. this entire area is just gone. the houses that were here are largely gone, and people have nowhere to go. there isn't electricity. there isn't food. there isn't water. it's not as if there is neighbors that they can fall back on. it's always hard to compare one to another. certainly for the people here it's the worst thing that's ever happened to them and the worst thing that ever will happen to them. there are families -- there are mothers living, having to sleep near the bodies of their dead children, having to smell their dead children and this is day five. it's been going on now for five days that their child has been laying near them, that they have been smelling their child while they search for their other children who are still mis
>> this could start the conversation with your doctor, i don't think you should take them carte blanche. >> that does it for us now, hope you join us, go to ac, and "piers morgan starts now." >>> this is piers morgan live. thank you for joining us, george zimmerman back in trouble with the law. we'll have the latest. >>> also, more on toronto's crack mayor. the story just gets weirder and weirder. listen to what rob ford said on his own tv show, just moments ago. >> i'm not stepping down, i'm not an alcoholic, i'm not a drug addict. >> you are, though, endlessly entertaining. tonight, i'll talk about the person who ran for mayor, sarah thompson said he groped her, and called her a naughty, naughty girl. and this happened today. >>> and the unvarnished opinion. >> you have to think he is either not telling the truth or is grossly incompetent. >>> and how healthy are america's companies? i'll ask a man who lost chunks of everything from apple to twitter, and from time warner to fox, the arabian buffet. >>> and now, more on the man who was charged with killing trayvon marti
, a lot of killing in captivity that you don't ever see in the wild. >> for the health and safety of the animals, please do not put your hands in the water. >> there's always this backdrop. this underpinning of tension between animals. whale-on-whale aggression was just part of your -- you know, the daily existence. >> we ask that you use the stairs and aisle ways as you exit. please do not step on the seats. these areas may become wet, and therefore slippery to some footwear. thank you. ♪ >> in the wild when there's tension they have thousands of square miles to exit the scene and they can get away. you don't have that in captivity. could you imagine being in a small concrete enclosure for your life when you're used to swimming 100 miles a day? >> sometimes this aggression became very severe, and in fact whales have died in captivity because of this aggression. >> i think it was 1988 kandu tried to assert her dominance over corky. rammed corky. it fractured her jaw, which cut an artery in her head, and then she bled out. that's got to be a hard way to go down. i saw there was j
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certainly don't see this type of thing, in the british parliament. joining me now, a toronto city council member who says that mayor ford has crossed the line and has to go. and robin diddle, it is bordering on the complete and utter farce. the only thing we can say, from where we sit it is all quite entertaining. and the approval ratings are quite high still. is it a story in toronto that is simply splitting everybody down the middle? all the officials want him gone, the public is rallying? >> well, in toronto, we see people -- previous mayors with a much higher approval rating. when he first started they were around 60. they're not great, it is true they have not moved a lot since the scandal has started. and i mean yeah, he is a master at playing the victim. he is really, really talented at that. you saw it today at council. and people in the states said i can't believe he is doing it. is he completely losing his mind? but no, this is a tactical decision -- >> why do i feel myself warming to the guy? >> because you can imagine sitting down with him, having a beer, he loves football. >>
that the past could have been different. you released that. but true forgiveness. >> you say i don't want it to be different because there are so many gifts that came out of that. >> true forgiveness -- thank you for giving me that experience. >> he was also attracting flocks of people willing to pay thousands of dollars to attend the self-help boot camps. part of his philosophy, push the followers to test their physical limits. but on october, 2009, near sedona, arizona, he pushed too far. >> what is the problem? >> two people not breathing, there is no pulse. >> okay, is this the result of a shooting or something? >> no, it was a sweat lodge. >> it was james ray's version of an american sweat lodge, where temperatures reached 120 degrees, killing three of his followers, and sending others to the hospital. >> everybody was throwing up everywhere, there was spitting going on, people were so confused there was screaming at one time. i know they were yelling and yelling at this man, he was so disoriented that he started to crawl into the pit with the hot rock. >> witnesses say that ray, ins
his father, and i don't think there was a dry high from the highest ranking general to the lowest private in that entire group that were there and it's still -- when i see it even today, it -- i get choked up often times when i see that photograph. >> completely understandable. i think it made everybody choke up and still does. let's talk about jacqueline kennedy. you stay with her, i think, for another year. did you ever talk to her again about the assassination, or was it something you just didn't discuss? >> that was a subject that neither she or i discussed with each other. we did not talk about the assassination at all. >> there is a very powerful note you have, a handwritten note from the first lady, the back of your book which is full of the most extraordinary pictures, beautifully writ and designed, i have to say, very powerful but the note says for clint hill who did more than anyone to make my life with the president happy and he guarded and protected him until the very end. how can i thank you? jacqueline kennedy. that must have made you very proud after the misery of w
amazing day. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today at richard shoop, cuccinelli,. ride. and he had some advice for his fellow republicans. >> the party's got to focus on winning again. sometimes i feel like our party cares more about winning the argument than winning elections. if you don't win elections you can't govern. if you don't govern you can't change the direction of the state like we've done in new jersey. so one i think we need to get ourself refocused on that. secondly, i think sometimes we forget that candidates matter. it's not just about a checklist of issue. it's also about how a person presents themselves as a candidate, how they articulate their view of things and how they react to situations. and people make judgements based on all those things. >> it's interesting you say that. i heard a criticism from a democrat about you. and actually more about the media and the public, which is that if chris christie
because we want him to return back to the school. we don't want him to let these cowards win. we realize it's not the whole football team, you know. we realize it's unfortunate some of these seniors may not be able to play their last game, you know. but like i spoke today in the meeting, the school committee meeting, instead of everyone lashing out, the game is a week from now, let's just hope that someone comes forward instead of the 500-plus supporters of the game, you know, for the game to be played. you know, i believe that support should be, you know, put -- >> finding out who did it. >> finding out who did it. so, then they can play that game. like i said, the game is only a week away. from what i understand, i mean, i'm sure the other team would like to have the game, too. if this is tuesday night and still no one comes about, i guess everyone can be mad no one is playing that game. but as far as i'm concerned, you have plenty of time to put that game on if that's what you want. obviously, you know, the chicken bowl, that doesn't affect the seniors. i'm talking about the seniors.
:30 p.m. eastern and check out the web cast. go to ac 360 don't come that starts later. starts later. "piers morgan live" starts now -- captions by vitac -- >>> this is "piers morgan live." welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. we have breaking news in election coverage. wolf blitzer with the latest on virginia's race, too close to call and jake tapper in new jersey with chris christi who won big tonight. here in new york a live shot of the empire state building up in red, white and blue and polls closed moments ago in the race from there and we'll have that information as we go. i want to begin with wolf blitzer who has up to date results. wolf, tight in virginia. bring us up to speed. >> close race, piers, in virginia unfolding right now. the battle for governor in a state that play as crucial role in deciding presidential elections. let's update you on the vote tally as it's coming in right now. 48% for ken cuccinelli, the republican 45% for terry mcauliffe and the libertarian third party candidate. 76% of the votes tabulated 37 vote plus
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)